Install/upgrade software

This section provides a very high level overview of the required software. More detailed instructions can be found in the setup guides from the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis.

Install R

  • A recent version of R (>= 3.6.0 “Planting of a Tree”) is recommended. You can check your version from the R Console:
## [1] "R version 3.6.0 (2019-04-26)"

Install Rtools (Windows Only)

On Windows, you may need to install Rtools. Rtools can be downloaded from here (the green row marked “recommended”).

Run the installer. When you reach a screen that offer the option to add Rtools to the system path, CHECK THE BOX. You want this to happen.

Once Rtools finishes installing, restart your R session. You should then be able to install all of the packages correctly.

Install RStudio

  • RStudio (>= 1.2.1335) is recommended.

Upgrading your system

For more help installing or upgrading R and RStudio, please read through these links:

  1. Chapter 6 in Happy Git with R
  2. Maintaining R from What They Forgot to Teach You About R