Workshop Materials

Thank you for participating in the Tidy Data Science workshop! Here you’ll find links to all of the materials that we will use throughout the week. Much of the material for this workshop was originally developed by Amelia McNamara, Hadley Wickham, Charlotte Wickham, and Garrett Grolemund for their Data Science in the tidyverse and Mastering the tidyverse workshops, and adapted for our use here.

In the bar on the left, you’ll find links to download the course materials, as well as a link to the recordings of each sessions, which will be posted after each day. Finally, I’ve included some links to additional resources that may be useful for supplementing the material covered in this workshop and moving beyond what you will learn during the week.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Jake Thompson, ATLAS


Jeff Hoover
Andrew Kim
Charlie Redmon